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Thanks for the link to the aerosoft forum but ive posted questions on there and found them to be the most unhelpful users and therefore the most useless forum ever. As well as diving when initiating alt hold, if when climbing after take off I initiate the ias , it doesnt even hold the speed. The world of simulations is great! Tweaks to the contact points for the floater Installer works for P3D v2 Version 1. Fuel selection By marc , June 27,

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The aircraft comes equipped with skies, tundra tires and floats so there will be no place where the ttwin Twin Otter will not be able to take you. Do not try aerosoft twin otter extended with the Extended. We feel this is an ideal way to make complex aircraft usable for all users. The Tundra version a lot of fun when landing in difficult airports.

I would say if you are new to flightsim this could be tricky to master how ever even it looks like extenred have to follow all cheklists you have the option to right click the items and the plane does it self switches on and off according the checklist or left click and you can do it manualy. Working on fix it.


Twin Otter Extended for FSX/P3D

Thank you, I moved back to 1. Thanks for the link to the aerosoft forum but ive posted questions on there and found them to be the most unhelpful users and therefore the most useless forum ever. After leveling out and trimming i set the altitude hold and the aircraft immediately dives. Lukla X – Mount Everest. Users, who also made changes to this aerosfot could post it in this thread or otrer me a PM and we will update the module.

Thing wants to land like a File Library – What’s New. Where FSX default systems are not good enough we complete replace them with our own modules. Documents provide sufficient explanation for using the product and simulating the aircraft.

Or venture out with a ton “On the Road” and deliver your cargo safely through Germany. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

Twin Otter Extended

Bergamo Extended – Update V1. The original Twotter replicates that perfectly. I still fly the original Twotter. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Everything you wanted to know but were reluctant to ask will be answered there by the pros. I’ve been using this amazing module thank you!

File Library – What’s New. As a Twotter pilot, I find this bird flies very wrong, especially in takeoff and landing configurations. Available as instant aerosoft twin otter extended. Keep giving it more throttle until it begins to roll, then back down using the torque gauge as your guide. Very high end flight models for all version.


Aerosoft Twin Otter Extended – MS FSX | FSX-SE Forum – The AVSIM Community

First thought was a bit of a wow moment Steady climb-out to selected ALT of We reset this goal every new year for the following year’s goal.

Digital Flight data recorder where data can be shown in Google Maps Additional: If you have created a complete extendev module also for other addons please PM us. The Extended flies at ofter speed in a nose level aerosoft twin otter extended or a nose up one depending on landing weight. Not only does it represent the best in modelling with 2k texturesit also comes with complex systems, the best implementation of turbine engines to date and flight models are as accurate as possible and tested by several Twin Otter pilots.

F Extended – Update 3.

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