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FC A camo, 1 Sqn. Overall a very nice package and I would not hesitate to recommend it to any simmer, whether you’re into fast jets or not – this is a very enjoyable aircraft to fly in FSX. This is an aircraft that you can quickly learn to fly and I believe that simmers on various levels will be able to fly this bird. These requirements were forwarded by both the US Navy and Air Force, and both branches agreed on a two seater, twin engine and swing wing design. Click the autopilot altitude hold button autopilot must be engaged first.

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Now alphasim f-111 from AlphaSim is their F Aardvark package. The primary mission for the Aardvark’s planners and developers was to come up with a low-flying aircraft capable of avoiding enemy detection.

Applying full throttle, blasting down the runway getting my speed to be a lot higher than minimum, then lifting off by rotating 90 degrees and up I went.

AlphaSim Releases F-111 Aardvark

Already have an account? Long live the Pig! The F alpahsim an extremely advanced design using the “swing wing” or variable geometry airfoil. Clicking on YBBN highlights the code in yellow and brings up trip data at the bottom of the screen. To open and close views use: The model is very well made with clean surfaces, lots of details and animations, very realistic, high quality textures, a great finish and a superb afterburner effect. And there was no sign alphasim f-111 features such as flares, rockets, bomb drops with accompanying ground blasts including shock waves etc.

Take-off is a lot of fun alphasim f-111 this aircraft. The level of quality you provide in your add-ons are really high and I recommend fellow simmers to buy Virtavia products — you are sure to get very high quality and value for your akphasim. Taking a look at the flight characteristics I found that the Aardvark was extremely fast on the control surfaces, but still very easy to fly.


The first test flight was a flight to check out the ground handling, the take-off, standard ferry flight and landings, all in fair weather. After touchdown I kept alphasim f-111 nose wheel up until my speed reached a minimum and the nose came down slowly by itself.

FSX Alphasim/Virtavia F-111 Panel

It served in many roles, flying thousands of combat sorties, and carried a vast array of weaponry, including nuclear payloads, missiles, and bombs. Radar and other gauges developed by Dietmar Loleit based on specifications from Steve Hess and modified by Steve Hess.

You have a model of perfection, a virtual cockpit so realistic and a sound set that matches everything — alphasim f-111 equals a alphasim f-111 awesome experience for me. Search for Downloads Use this form to search for alphasim f-111 and addons including aircraft, scenery and more.

Any aviation enthusiast – particularly those of us here in Oz – will know that will be a very sad year, with the demise of the magnificent F looming day by day. The list can be adjusted for runway length, so if you need a minimum of feet to land you can enter that data and the list then shows only runways over feet in length. There are quite a few RAAF paints about and Cobs’ recent efforts have alphasim f-111 enhanced the visual model.

Like a lot of software developers, the amount of work involved in upgrading FS9 aircraft for FSX was simply not cost effective, so no upgrade to FSX was ever on the cards. The download and installation went perfectly as usual and it was a delight to use the installation wizard. The sound for the afterburner is superb — a deep roar as in the B-1B and this gave me a sensational feeling when blasting down the runway.


As with many high performance military aircraft you get out what you put in ,it does require time and practicebut the effort is worthwhileas in the real world alphasim f-111 have to use elevator trim to fly smoothly and accurately.

AlphaSim Releases F Aardvark

Powered by fuel-efficient turbofan engines, the aircraft went through a long and varied evolutionary process, emerging as perhaps alphasim f-111 finest alphasmi interdictor of the s. Its flight model is precisecrisp ,accurate and responsive together with an abundance of power. Select an altitude above the ground you would like to fly.

After my view around the outside of the Aardvark I jumped alphssim the cockpit. The Aardvark is a military jet and therefore it is also built to fly aerobatics — this is also very well made in this model, and you can without any problems do more or less every single maneuver that I know of. I hope they are of some use and enjoyment. I think the repaints are both good and accurateThey alphasim f-111 uploaded to the ‘flightsim’ website 23MAY09and are appearing on it.

This was also alphasim f-111 I had expected and Virtavia had really made this aircraft to perfection. It is very fast and very user friendly so I had absolutely no problems and the aircraft was installed in no time.

This package may be redistributed freely provided that the entire package is distributed, as is, without any modifications whatsoever!