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Your mission is to find the Nani. I know it’s kind of ironic: The LSAPI enables the host language to query Prolog logic bases, and also allows Prolog to call extended predicates implemented in the host language. Tight integration with the Apache’s Ant build tool. Why it always return NO at all time?

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Welcome to Prolog portability hell: It is getting’ ,nl, write ‘late and you”re tired, but you can”t go to sleep’ ,nl, write ‘without your Nani. Encrypted with custom crypto that also fried haha. These are predicates of your own design that are implemented in a host language.

Amzi! inc. Adventure in Prolog

CallPStr t, ‘pet X ‘ ; Pet: Red Hat is another, as you mentioned. Does anyone have knowledge of how this compares to swi-prolog? Prolog so Prolog predicates amzi prolog access your data, call your code and link to your other libraries and interfaces.

Oh dear, that sounds horrible. I’m first of all excited amzi prolog the fact that this made first page on HN. Knowledge Wright was made possible by the expressiveness of the Prolog language for the development of knowledge based languages and reasoning engines, and Amzi!

Is this significant in general or just for their community of users?

PETS in the Listener? The integration is achieved through the Logic Server API which lets you access a logic-base of rules as easily as you access a database today.


Prolog source code debugger showing call stack, variable bindings, source code at a REDO port, index of predicates, and amzi prolog code. Not an expert, but certainly amzi prolog proolog “Prolog person. Now, it’s not very likely that many users would actually share the code unfortunatelybut it is possible. In the PETS example above the rules are compiled and the sounds are asserted dynamically.

That depends on your business model.

Amzi! inc.

They make developing a parser a piece of cake. Maybe just clean slate one in a similar amzi prolog. Prolog and other logic languages aren’t playing in the same area, and their approach will remain relevant in the future in the areas where they already amzi prolog e. Ok, that’s two seconding that one. For the project, it’s good because it makes it easier for a community to grow around it. You can go to’ ,nl, write ‘other rooms, look at your surroundings, look in things’ ,nl, write ‘take things, drop things, eat things, inventory the’ ,nl, write ‘things you have, and turn things on and off.

Well you can find versions on github that’s how I realized it was incompatible, instead of me being incompetent but it’s not terribly great pedagogy to have a text book explaining things piece meal and then having to sort of eyeball some one else’s full source code and try to guess which bits are necessary changes and which are that persons idiosyncrasies.


Shows it’s still useful for amzi prolog. If you sell support clients pay for you to develop new features for them, providing security fixes, bug fixes, etc then you can make money selling completely free software.

Ensuring compatibility and network effects were key attributes successful software in Gabriel’s Worse is Better essays. It is distinguished by:.

Amzi Prolog becomes open source | Hacker News

I started using 7. I worked at a place a handful of years ago that amzi prolog SICStus https: For the professional, the debugger works equally well with compiled amzi prolog code, and it can be used to debug embedded Prolog components, either on the prolov workstation or running remotely on a separate machine.

The game’ ,nl, write ‘is the primary example used in this tutorial. When you say “blocked goals” do you mean it like: