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Weld symbols placed on a dotted line in accordance with ISO requirements means: Undercut is normally assessed by: Porosity would mostly occur in which of the following: Submerged arc welding is a process that generally gives: You notice manual metal arc electrodes, stripped of flux, are being used as filler wire for TIG welding.

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Increasing the arc energy input of a welded joint will: If the amperage is too low during the welding of a root bead, the possible result would be: Supervision of Visual Welding Inspectors in the conduct of activities a to h above.

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cswip 3.1 study material

Slag inclusions may occur with: Which of the following best describes a semi automatic welding process? In Sub Arc Welding, excessive flux melting will result from: Which of the following welding processes is not a fusion welding process?

cswip 3.1 study material

Which of the following will vary the most when varying the arc length using the MMA process? In general it is not easy to mechanise the MMA welding process because: You may also like Polyethylene pipes and fittings welders. Incomplete root penetration in a butt joint could be caused by: A code of practice is: Tensile strength can be increased in steel by: A center line crack in a fillet weld: In BS an electrode classified as E Welds made with high heat inputs show a reduction in one of the following properties: Which of the following standards is entitled imperfections in Metallic fusion welds with explanation: In friction welding, is the metal at the interface in the: In accordance with BS what is the minimum distance the pre heat shall be applied from the joint preparation?


You see a welder using an oxy-acetylene flame with a long feathered inner cone. Which of the following NDT method is not suitable to detect sub surface defect?

The possible effects of having a travel speed too fast: A planar defect is: Find out more about cookies. What action must the welding inspector request if a lamination is found extending into the bevel face?


TCB achieved world class accreditation. Which of the following in a fusion weld usually has the highest tensile strength?

cswip 3.1 study material

Which one of the following type of steels would give rise to the formation of porosity when autogenously welded with an arc process? I agree to receive commercial communications, advertising materials on products or services the Controller offers, and to measure the degree of satisfaction with wtudy quality of such services.

The steel composition in a structural contract is changed form 0.

What is another term for suck back? Name the fourth one: Defects outside of the limits specified in a standard should always be: Which of the following are essential variables for PWHT?


Which of the following is not related to weld? Topside and Underwater Inspection Read more.