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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here First of all, we have to understand any Lync client can only login if time is synchronized between Lync Server and Client. March 15, at 8: But most often this step can be omitted as Windows Domain Controllers are already enabled for handling NTP client requests. However, autoprovisioning with PIN is still a problem.

dhcputil.exe lync 2013

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Support for Lync phones will be provided by Microsoft later this year when they provide voice capabilities to Office in Skype for Business.

This process is explained in more detail in the first article linked below. If for some reason it is not, or a different policy other than the Global is in use which it is disabled on, then PIN authentication using the following commands.

dhcputil.exe lync 2013

In every environment these records are typically created during the initial server deployment anyways. It appears to be missing.

Lync – error MSVCRdll is Missing when running config script

With the new version supported on the Aries devices user simply enter their phone extension and PIN to sign-in directly on the phone. The importance of the DNS records really comes into play with externally connected devices, but they are equally important for internal connections.

lgnc June 8, at 1: Now still troubleshooting the fact that some accounts do and other accounts don’t want to use PIN authentication and the FE just loses contact with the OWA from time to time….


Even if I enter the full phone number for the 5 digit extension user, auth still fails with a message that says that cannot sign in.

dhcputil.exe lync 2013

September 3, at 1: This in-depth article covers not only what each of the required components are, but what they do and why they are needed or in some cases, not. Thanks Jeff — really, really helpful — especially the bit about the time server scope options — it made the difference: Friday, December 14, July 28, at 2: Additionally run the same command on a standard Windows Member Server the Lync server, for example and most likely the NtpServer section will not be listed at all, indicating that the server is acting as an NTP client only.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Regardless of which family of devices Tanjay or Aries both require the ability to properly synchronize their clocks with an external time source.

Tag: Using DHCPUtil.exe

January 26, at Hello, when I run the Command: February 11, at 8: September 5, at 8: Notify me of new comments via email. February 13, at 7: I would like to know whether in the event of the first DNS server being unavailable, would the second server specified in DHCP option be used by the Lync phone?


I am trying to use a CX with Lync online, and have trouble configuring that phone. November 25, at 3: You will need 2 dll files”.

dhcputil.exe lync 2013

dhcputilexe But if third-party or hardware-based DHCP solutions are deployed which may or may not supported the additional options required by the Aries devices then it may be beneficial to use the integrated Lync Server DHCP services. Only enable this option if the previous configuration steps were not performed and the primary DHCP server does not or cannot handle the 43 and options.

Kressmark Unified Communications: Lync on Win missing dlls

If you have a location with a full site-to-site VPN connection where the internal Lync server is directly reachable, then you could leverage PIN Authentication. Hi Jeff, we are using lync here and now we will use polycom phones. I gave it a whirl today. I would guess that something is not dhcputio.exe with the Dial Plan normalization rules as there is no limitation on the digit length used. I feel its a shame however, dhcpufil.exe the more expensive Tanjay phones lack some of the features like the display photo functionality.

January 26, at 9: