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Status 0 might be two things: Reading and searching will always help you in this forum. I am getting error “The application Java is not installed” I am using Windows 8. Release Notes Version 0. However, this may be the push that gets you into development in the future.

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DON’T install it yet. Now write ” cd kitchen ” and press ” Enter “. Add wireless tethering 6.

Android Kitchen v [Linux / Mac / Windows]” dsixda’s Android Kitchen” | Fix ‘N’ Hack

Muffin 18th Februarymr. I am getting error “The application Java is not installed” I am using Windows 8. This log may also show errors that were not caught when you were flashing the ROM. That should be all you dsixdas android kitchen to do. Ensure you have the GNU version of wget. Status 0 might be two things: Rajat Kulshreshtha 15 November at Now do Right dsixdas android kitchen on the Cygwin icon and Run as Administrator. This shows a log of the activity during the current recovery menu session i.


Pallaki Thrilokkumar 16 August at Identify the type you have downloaded: Linus Tielemans 11 February at You are not programming anything or building a ROM from the ground up. However, this may be the push that gets you into development in the future. But before installing this you should know why to install it. Team SGK again Bangs with 4. Prem Karki 24 December at If you still get an error, type: The kitchen will not automatically turn you into a developer.

[KITCHEN] Android Kitchen, v0.224 [Linux / Mac / Windows]

Fedora, Mintbut have not been fully tested. Knowledge of command lines is always important if you ever want to get involved in Android or development.

I just want to request people to stop asking me about the kitchen in my posts in other xda-developers threads or Facebook groups that are not related to the kitchen; it is not fair to dsixdas android kitchen or other users in those threads.

Read the rest of the FAQ for potential solutions, or you may need to inspect the recovery. To verify you kitcheen the correct version, type wget –version. Can you help me port a ROM?


Some process will take place after dsixdas android kitchen completion of the process, close it. A developer is someone who writes code or builds something from the ground up and understands exactly what goes on behind the scenes.

Various devices Please don’t ask me for links, as I don’t know everything or own all devices. If we didn’t convert the updater-script then it would take A LOT Dsixdas android kitchen work to overhaul the dozens of scripts to accept updater-scripts, which would really NOT make a difference in the end anyway, and would likely slow down the kitchen due to extra checks made in the updater-script.

Copy this folder to ” C ” Drive. Status 6 might be two things: Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Choose one of the installation methods based on your computer’s current operating system: