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Added more options for mp3. Mar 31, Features: This is the version history page for DVDx. Better audio, video synchronization algorithm. May 25, Download s: Mar 12, Download s:

Uploader: Brami
Date Added: 14 July 2004
File Size: 55.7 Mb
Operating Systems: Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/2003/7/8/10 MacOS 10/X
Downloads: 16347
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DVDx -> Version History

May 29, Features: Prevent crashing on close nicely closing internal processors Build: May 20, Download s: Apr 16, Download s: Prevent closing application while processing jobs Full integration of decrypter and transcoder Fixes: You have not voted yet! Added new Inno ISS dvdx ultra edition to create an installer for “no upgrade” versions which are installed in their own folder to run several versions for benchmaking however the separate versions share dvdx ultra edition same DVDx registry key to store settings now requiring to activate Inno ISS scripting Compilation: Added more options for mp3.


Jun 9, Download s: May 22, Download s: Correct editio filter to support anamorphic output resolution Skip a useless zoom change which made bad resize on load media Change backend ulttra start to fix start crash bug Build: Jun 8, Download s: DVDx silently crashes when exiting Input Settings with May 3, Download s: Aug 28, Version 4.

Jul 27, Download s: Aug 29, Download s: Dec 4, Packaging: Jun 20, Download s: Changed File menu and added?

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May 25, Download s: Add new video profiles: For some obscur reasons, my new compilation dvdx ultra edition failed to eidtion Debug and DebugP4 object files because of their debugging data ; so Debug and DebugP4 binaries bundled with 2. Aug 7, Download s: Nov 30, Download s: Mar 27, Performance: Jan dvdz, Download s: Jan 27, Third-party DLLs: Ripper Free package has no change.

Aug 20, Gui: Fix crash when video streams aren’t the very first ones in files MKV Build: Realtime dynamic framerate detection.


Mar 31, Features: This is the version history page for DVDx.

You can return to the main page for this software by clicking here. Fixed some hidden bugs which cause unexpected behaviour during video decoding and conversion.

Mar 12, Download s: