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To start the graphical license installation script, go to the software installation directory and type the following command: Sep The installation of the license should be performed on the system where the license server will run. If this is not the case, contact your local ESI support representative in order to get the updated password. Mapping was extended to manage source and target meshes containing linear pentahedra and linear hexahedra. After a complete and successful product installation, necessary environment variables and aliases are automatically defined to start different product modules. MUMPS is a direct solver, used for stress calculations, which can be used to replace the iterative resolution of the linear system for certain cases.

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A new pressure solver HYPREprocash consequent speed-ups for flow calculations, is now available and set as default. Both procedures perform the following tasks: The figure shows the identified process window with its margin that can be notified to the production engineer.

ProCAST / QuikCAST – Casting Processes Simulation Software

This new version has undergone numerous improved product functionalities and contains also new features. It will display the following window: Descriptions for the binaries: For more detail, please see the Customization section. To perform esi procast 2010 customization separately: The demo pilot moved the reviewer through the plant and right up to a car. ProCAST simulation software offers an extensive suite of modules and foundry tools to meet your most challenging industrial requirements.


The dialog box of license file selection will be displayed again and filled with information corresponding to the selected license procaxt. International Paris Airshow June 17, The new license file is installed and the Next button is activated prkcast continue. Xilinx IP Release Note The microstructure module opens up a new line of possibilities and makes other types of analyses esi procast 2010, particularly in relation to metallurgical quality level adjustments, according to the inoculation parameters in simulation.

The Parasolid interface is only available on 32bits platforms. The goal of this STL surface mesh generator is to offer the possibility in most cases to generate meshes of single volume or assemblies in a fully automatic way.

Result Export 16?

To activate it again, activate the model window and press Escape key. Possibility to map stress fields for the next iteration or export Abaqus, Sysweld, generic format, etc QuikCAST is a fast and efficient solution for the complete process esi procast 2010. The software configuration is defined in the following files: This is not supported for APM results. Analis, ” Virtual tests for real results ,” Commerce InternationalNovember 30, Click the Get another license file button to select a new license file.


Visual-MESH which will bring substantial improvements and speed-up for your daily work. Pin Squeeze 4?

ProCAST Release Notes Installation Guide_图文_百度文库

Sep By default the file filter is set for find PAM license file. Once the pin squeeze load area is defined, ProCAST computes the following parameters to eliminate the porosity. A small window pops up displaying the checking result of the selected license file with esi procast 2010 host id. Intel icc compiler version Cenv for csh and derivatives, psi.

A minimum of 2Gb 20010 8Gb of memory is required to operate the software.

Option to save views in specified file. In the mean esi procast 2010, the ESI Group’s casting team remains sincerely yours. It enables rapid visualization of the results of casting and thus allows correct decision-making at an early stage in the design of a manufacturing process. With only one simulation, engineers must set the best conditions for the design or process to reach objectives, such as minimizing porosity provast improving yield.