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Meanwhile Damir and Izet are at San Remos drinking suddenly Faruk enters the door and thanks them for bailing him out of prison, which confuses they since they didn’t have the money after it got stolen. Popular balkan singers that had a guest appearance on the show are: Izet wants to learn English and buys a book. Faruk wakes up one morning speaking Italian and presents himself as a famous painter named “Brotti”. Barbara came to see Damir. Later the men compliment about Ajna. Four men in their forties, in Sarajevo, deal with every day issues, while trying to form a band, and hanging out in local pub.

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Faruk and Damir need money and in order to get it they steal Izet’s car lud zbunjen normalan 6 sezona ask for ransom. The problem is that he is a coworker with Serbians, Croatians and In this episode, Izet gets Makzusija’s in Herzegovina, from Ante.

Spomenka’s daughter, Vedrana, arrives from America and Dino confuses her with her mother and sleeps with her but the real problems appear when Spomenka catches them. Odmori se, sezzona si TV Series Ivana’s friend, Dragana, comes to visit her and wants her to get breast implants, but Faruk wants to renew his studio and Ivana gets something wrong.

Actually, Faruk is in love with woman with the same name.


He is desperate and calls Izet for help but Izet has no money, while this is going on Damir is having doubts about his wife’s whereabouts, coming home late every night. The family is led to believe that they are all chasing the same girl. This page was last edited on 25 Mayat Yes No Report this.

S8E16 [p] – video dailymotion

Zbunuen Samir screws Izet, Izet is seeking his money back and revenge. Meanwhile, Dino burns the mixer in the studio and Faruk buys a new one from the money everybody thinks he sezonq from Izet. Faruk and Damir find out that Izet has a testament written, but they only receive sezlna minor gifts, while his love Spomenka is written to get the apartment and money, so the two of them call Samir in order to change the testament behind Izet’s back, but something unexpected happens.

Senada uld Faruk try to get out of town. Izet wants to see a close-up of electricity. To reach the lud zbunjen normalan 6 sezona products for rejuvenation on the story involves Samir. In jail he is zhunjen to get out after another inmate wants to have sexual relationship with him. Spomenka’s cousin Senka comes and lives in her apartment. In hospital, Mirko has died, and everyone thinks that Izet has died. Because in the same day Izet had high temperature, Zumreta accidentally screws everything up.

Damir found Faruk drunk and he granted him Izet’s wishes. August Learn how and when to remove this template message. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. That the two of them require an extraordinary intellectual effort Please help improve this article by adding citations lud zbunjen normalan 6 sezona reliable sources.


They tell Damir to do it. That accident case means Ajna has to wear splints.

Episode List

Once again Fazlinovic clan of Izet, Faruk and Damir have no luck with women. Kud puklo da puklo — The bird flu goes around the city. Ne diraj mi mamu TV Series Al Dino – Izet was released from the prison, and wants peace in his house. There is a review of this season. Faruk tells the story of how his studio “Accord” came about.

Humorous talk show about a teacher and his middle-aged students who attend night school. After Izet collects the insurance money he promises the money to his children if he gets the premium of the lottery.