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File that holds the information about how map objects are displayed. Atom topic feed Powered by FluxBB. M3 is available at MalsingMaps. Back to my problem of lack of details in maps transfered to the GPS. You use it to Uninstall the offending mapset. The OS of my Laptop is Win 7 Then you select an operation at the top.

mapsettoolkit windows 8

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Put cgpsmapper path in gmaptool GUI and delete maptk path. Just a quick comment to say thanks for the guide its very good.

Use Gmaptool to install maps – – Mountainbike and Hiking Maps based on Openstreetmap

Chose the same directory that contained the. If you have a problem with these, try using older versions of both programs, available at this link. I will explain the easiest way to use it here, there are many other ways to achieve the goal with gmaptool – as gmaptool is very powerful. I would like to connect it to my laptop using nRoute and to use OSM maps.

Is there any way to make sure the registry stuff has been eddited correctly? My original Belgian map is then also reduced to the overall data. Georgia, Abkhazia, South Ossetia users: Select the offending mapset in the “Mapsets Installed” window and press the Uninstall button.


I don’t understand anymore, I was using MapsetToolkit and nRoute during last summer without any problem and I went from France to Kazakhstan by car Atom topic feed Powered by FluxBB.

mapsettoolkit windows 8

I downloaded mitopo11 and ran the exe file. Choose an empty output folder Directory. The IMG all show up fine in the registry and open ok in Mapsource. I tried to do mapsettooloit you told me for the previous error when Mapsource also got blocked! Click on “Split all”. I bought a e-trex vista HCx, I installed the Trip and waypoint manager from the original CD I also installed the Mapsource from the garmin website, because I thought was more updated.

Zerbault, MapSetToolKit is a lot safer way to manage registry settings than a hand edit. You use it to Uninstall the offending mapset. However you have to rename it, so there is no conflict in your GPS Mapsource will tolerate you not renaming it – windoows the maps may display wrong be carefull, maximum 8 characters are allowed.

I tried different combinations of Draw priorities, Transparency and Blank overview. This is a number between and please don’t use any other values, while in principle they do work, they might bring forward problems.


Installing mitopo11 via MapsetToolkit

Do you have BaseCamp or MapSource installed? I bought a nuvi wt last April and installed the software on my computer.

mapsettoolkit windows 8

Allways set to “1” TYPFile: Occasionally, installing a mapset will cause problems with MapSource starting up; usually, uninstalling the mapset with MapSet Toolkit will fix that problem. I am running everything as Administrator. I think I just got screwed by Garmin.

Use Gmaptool to install maps

Using the process in the previous post, I downloaded some street data for London, and converted it to a Garmin. Windows Vista Service Pack! Click Yes on that question.

Change level definition in the / section to a less detailed. Thanks for your support! Same as overview image. Cool, glad you got it working.

Big hug from the pyrenees!!!