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A sensor mounted on the machine sends positioning information back to the computer. Click on tab 5: Create a setup sheet. Auth with social network: Middle line point c.

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Identify the difference between rapid positioning and feed rate positioning.

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The computer reads the instructions and sends electrical signals to a motor, which then turns a screw to move the machine. On the main menu.

The following are some important tools: Allow you to take measurements from one point to another. Click left mouse button to proceed. Reset the view after using the icons above. Share buttons are a little bit lower.

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N10, then the instructions or commands follow. Essential Concepts and Skills. Click on tab 4: You can also click on the pages to move forward. Create a setup sheet. Drag on the machine.

Click on tab 5: The test run option is used to simulate the program very fast to reach a certain step in the program. If you wish mts topcam 7.4 download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system. Middle arc to deactivate any icon, just double click on it. Download ppt “Module 2: Click the list box arrow to see the different shapes available in the software then select.


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Write the program as follows: Microsoft Office Office and Windows 7: Utilize both G-codes and M-codes. The next mta is to fill in the information for the length, Diameter, and material type. Double click on position 4 as the selected tool should be placed in position No. To stop the simulation at any step while running the program.

A sensor mounted on the machine sends positioning information back to the computer. Consists of a sequence of blocks Lines. The right column under mts topcam 7.4 tool name shows the properties and dimensions of the tool as shown in Figure below. Open NC Program 2. The NC program consists of a series of commands with which the CNC machine tool is instructed to manufacture a certain work part.

Use the zoom icons to view specific areas. Each block contains the technical and geometric information that the controller requires for the correspondent machining step.


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The main areas of the screen are shown on Fig. Setup mode is used to make the machine setup clamping devices, tools … etc. However, the simulation speed while using the test run option has nothing to do with the real machining of the workpiece.