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First things first the AI on the opposite team needs to be redone because they are utterly retarded at some points but then again its hard to call them retarded when you get bunkered getting shot point blank Get Greg Hasting 2 instead This review is coming from a paintballers, so I was a little nice to this Mixed or average reviews – based on 10 Ratings. You can create your own field. The graphics are pretty great too.

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This is due to the controls; aiming with joysticks on other consoles is a joke. However, after experiencing what real paintball feels like and then playing the game, it made me realize the appeal of the game.


Black Ops 4 Microsoft Xbox One, The Field Creator feature lets players design their own field layouts, and the game is fully compatible with the Wii Zapper. Feb 11, PS2. He’s just gotten into trying to do different things. By IcemanBryan Review Date: Campionship Breakdown Based on ratings.

NPPL Championship Paintball for Xbox Reviews – Metacritic

For those of you that have been living under a rock for the past few decades, paintball is a game where two odd-man teams have to take each other out with paintball guns.


Essentially, the only thing that kept us playing the campaign mode was to escape the horrible rap metal in the menu screens. Average Player Score Based on ratings. It is good, but will get boring quickly through the campaign mode, as it is quite repetitious.

NPPL Championship Paintball for Wii – Nintendo Game Details

Jun 28, PS3. Nintendo World Championships Nintendo Game Boy Advance. You can create your own field. See all 9 Critic Reviews.

Your opponents are a little predictable after a while but, hey, you pqintball to play paintball without the welts! In the begining, the player might have same difficulty with the commands nppl championship paintball 2009 the game, but, with a little bit of practice, he can cross the game whithout problems. And, although the credits you earn with each tournament win in Career Mode can be spent on fresh, powered-up gear, your gear doesn’t seem to have ppaintball impact on the in-game experience.

Sadly, this is a game that certainly does have the potential of being a worthwhile paintball title but falls short in so many ways that even shooter fans will be greatly disappointed. Exhibition Mode allows the additional option of playing Woodsball, which is cool because it allows you more space to maneuver and takes on a feel more similar to military combat. By sikosis Review Date: NPPL Paintball I think this game is pretty good, its a little tricky getting used to the controls fo the wii but other than that nppl championship paintball 2009 a great shooter game.


To wipe a hit clean you’ll simply need to time a swinging bar and stop it within the green portion of the cheat meter. One of the greatest game on PS2 today.

Suprisingly this game is horrendous, th Black Ops 4 Sony PlayStation 4, But, I found chxmpionship same problem with the Woodsball fields as the Speedball fields I played during Career Mode — even though I know they’re each unique, they all feel the same once the game nppl championship paintball 2009.

There are only five attribute categories speed, accuracy, communication, marker handling and reloadand they each top out at A real paintball game. Playing through Career Mode is certainly fun, but it gets repetitive real fast.

Better than I expected. One hit your out.

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