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Tue Feb 05, 7: I know the devices are no longer produced and adding support is not high on the priority list but I have found a updated bit compatible version of DLPortIO that I was hoping it might be added to the next version of PcLabSE. When I would run the following message would come up: Luke September 8, , VEL September 8, , Is there anything in the event log relating to inpout32 driver installation or error? Of course, to do this, you need admin privileges so maybe thats your problem?

port95nt driver

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It is not a Windows system file.

The DLL itself has the driver. Highrez Welcome to the Highrez Forums. Tue Feb 05, 7: On opening, it extracts and installs the driver. I could very easily be doing something wrong.

port95nt driver

If you need thelong you might be out of luck with my DLL The source is there drivwr the driver and DLL so you can always have a look and see – as I said, its not something I’ve ever used.


The driver can be started or stopped from Services in the Control Panel or by other programs. The system cannot find the file specified. I am logged with Administrative rights. Most recently with VB6. SYS in the windows and velleman folder with no luck.

Possible installation problem – Highrez

SYS seems to be a compressed file. It gives me the options port95nnt Ignore and Close, both of them just end the program. Upon connection of the guitar the LEDs light up, but as soon as my turing program runs the lights shut off until I reboot and the buttons don’t work.

What version of InpOut When I run with dlportio. In device manager inpout32 does show as started.

port95nt driver

However if it has put the driver. When I would run the following message would come up: Board index Sriver times are UTC. SYS, particularly if they are located in c: Also, I have Turing 4. There were also some entries in the registry for InpOut It port95t be in the application folder.


It simply requires my special compatible and smaller file size build of inpout32, and a shell link. And, how do I know if my computer doesn’t support dlportio.

Andrew D. Straw

Of course Port95NT will not install. It has been tested with some applications but not extensivly.

port95nt driver

Let me know if you have any problems. Luke September 8, VEL September 8, However, whenever I run it the guitar won’t work. Thank you for this suggestion how it may be possible to get the LPT port connected instruments to run under bit operating systems.

The service has no detailed description. The program is not visible.