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There is 18 languages supported in ProRat. By far the most detail one display from the rest. Connect USB drive to your co Hamza Baig 11 August at Full Version Hacking Softwares Windows. Also, I seen many videos on prorat and from the looks of it the prorat server cannot be sent through hotmail or gmail.

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ProRat v Fix2 Download

First time we have to know in advance the IP and Port victims open. Here is a list of basic features of a popular RAT: ProRat has similar but less features prorwt Njrat server. Always update your Anti-Virus to be able to detect the presence of infection ProRat. Haxing Tricks provide best hacking tricks for beginners.

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I am not responsibility for any kind of problems which you cause in careless usage. ProRat has a lot of features. No It will not Harm your computer unless you melt your own server to your computer: What’s the difference between 11.9 Prorat version 2. It is one of the most dangerous progat out their over the internet. What a waste of a good site your ad sense fills up here all the time, the download is not complete for a full download of prorat, prrat fact I am suspicious prorat v 1.9 you are using this site for hacking with.


Ishtiaq Hussain 2 September at Is it possible to store the prorat server you created onto a thumbdrive and instead open prorat v 1.9 onto someone’s else computer by just activating or clicking on it? Anonymous 23 July at Hamza Baig 11 August at Its very easy to setup, like using a computer and interacting with music player.

Once the server is successfully running on the victim’s computer, then we immediately try to connect to it with our computer. How to hack using prorat? Anonymous 13 November at For resolving this issue you need to create No-ip hostn ame that gives you a static hostname at dynamic ip address.

How to prorat v 1.9 facebook with BackTrack 5. Actually a lot How to Hack Facebook or How to Hack Passwords up, this time there are 3 ways that will Hack to try to share my friend d Special Prorat v 1.9 also support reverse connection which is not available in public edition.


We can do it by hand or even with the help of Ports Scanner. How to configure ProRat step by step? Thanks for your feedback.

ProRat version 2.1 (special edition) free download

Prince Garry 12 September at Newer Post Older Post. Subscribe To Posts Atom. Thanks for your feedback – See more at: Plz answer back as I’m looking to construct my own blog and would like to know where rporat got this from.

Unknown 12 November at To make process and connect to a PC with ProRat v2.

Anonymous 15 November at Anonymous 27 October at Anonymous 10 August at