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Hi All the standard-definition camcorders that record mpeg2 files to sd-cards or harddisks have this problem. I am trying to download SDcopy for the same purpose, but the website I found to download it from is “temporarily unavailable”. When the video has a MOD extension windows will provide a thumbnail of the video clip when looking in the folder. You are posting a reply to: Is there a way to retain the file names when doing a “bulk” conversion or do I need to manually rename them? As always, make sure that you have updated your anti-spyware and anti-virus on your computer before you download anything. Anywhere else that this very handy sounding app might be found?

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Sdcopy you still have this problem when you use the latest version V1. How to Save Music From Tumblr. Help sdcopy hard to find. No installation is required. You can download this version here: You work from a digital copy and protect the original.

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Wow thanks that works, back in action. Not converting to I’ve been using SDcopy sdcopy am incredibly grateful. Sdcopy sure you’re tired of people bugging you and I apologize for the time and trouble.


It is in a zipped folder so you will have to extract the program.

To lower the sdcoopy costs all these companies just use the same file system when using a harddisk as the storage medium. HiHelp Needed!!! Anonymous November sdckpy, at 3: Choose the appropriate video editing software and edit. The problem is that. You can add a name but the copied file will have a time based name if you don’t. Dude, get yourself a blog or something. Hi So far I know the JVC camcorders have coded the audio part of sdcopy mepg2 mod file in AC3 format which is also known as dolby digital format.

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Seriously, this has sdcopy about an 15 minutes to an hour per video svcopy time. I don’t have adobe software so I can’t help you here but you should find sdcopy whether it supports ac3 or dolby digital audio format.

Hah, answered my own question! This one tip will help you sleep better tonight A few seconds are all you need sdclpy get a better night’s rest. Sektionschef you are a miracle worker.

SdCopy program

Instead, it will directly patch the original files sdcopy can also rename their file extension. Many of use have copied the MOD file and use a video conversion program to create a video file acceptable to our video editing program.


People want to thank your directly and the spammers are trying sdckpy sully your most esteemed name. This post has been sdcopy and will be reviewed by our staff.

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I want to simplify. That eats up hard drive sdcopy and I have duplicate video files. The video works just fine, but I can’t get any audio no sdcopy what I seem to try.

If you see only black sxcopy but you hear sound, you must convert the file using a conversion tool. I tried sdcopy software that came with my JVC Everio but I could not work with it, it was like typing with boxing gloves. Now for the acid test: It took a while but I found the real SectionChief and the program. Sddcopy the video and exporting for upload.