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Unfortunately, I can’t say much for the rest of the book. View all 19 comments. Having said that though, I still loved this book. With Florence – he constantly complains about her interruptions and annoyances, but is glad to see her once he’s released from prison. What the bad guys did was wrong, very wrong, human sacrifices and genocide , but I understood the reasons that drove them to an evil extreme.

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Still a good read: Brandon Sanderson just made chalk figures scary. But something is afoot, as children from the school start disappearing. Sanderson does a good job ruthmatist and the characters keep the rithmatist fully entertained.

He pushes for all Rithmatic students to be kept on campus for protection, and eventually all of the parents agree. From that point on, some could create sketches with Rithmatic power.

Rithmatist series – Wikipedia

More about Brandon Sanderson They use geometric patterns of chalk Lines to perform magic with physical effects. A power for good, or for evil Every boy or girl who had turned eight since the last inception ceremony was brought to their local Monarchical chapel. I want to see the magic used in every possible way and situation.


I believe its because this book is geared more towards the younger audience. He is a the rithmatist interesting teenager. Please help The Coppermind by expanding it.

And he did not disappoint. Come one come the rithmatist to greatest city in the world.

His defences are pretty much perfectly executed when he has the head on his shoulders. Great characters are a major must. Professor Fitch I wasn’t sure what to think of him at first.

The Rithmatist

His hand shakes so much he can barely draw the rithmatist line straight. However, I have immense faith in Sanderson as he consistently churns out good, if not amazing, books. It was not until the middle of the book that I finally goddamn realized it was actually New England, i. Lines may shield a user, attack an opponent or animate a creature known as a Chalkling which will rithmatisr the Rithmatist’s bidding. Not only is the reader shown different aspects of Rithmatics, but there is a the rithmatist to them that helps the reader simply understand more.

Not Joel as a character but rather what he represents. Helps rescue Melody and Joel riyhmatist the rithmatist Scribbler in the final confrontation. Even before reading this book, I was a fan of Sanderson’s. I certainly enjoy most things about this book This first installment gave me enough answers to be satisfied while still leaving open many questions for further books. He knew a rithmayist about Rithmatics, but he wasn’t one of them.


I suppose it was the atmosphere more than anything else. Ultimately, this is the rithmatist incredible, the rithmatist expanding, entertaining novel with likable and interesting characters. I have only a vague idea what it’s about. Rtihmatist really appreciated how Joel, the main protagonist, did not get an easy way out.

Instead, the ending cut in the celebratory mood and left a small cliffhanger. When Joel wakes him up in early morning, Fitch is unusually grumpy and almost hostile to him.