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New SDL-based sound system supporting effects, weather, music and paging. DNS servers for tomenet. Thanks to all the people who reported this issue. The full changelog is available here: Maximum level is displayed in parentheses in the main window if you’ve lost levels. It mainly adds new features to the auto-inscriptions system. If you already downloaded the client, please read HERE!


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One more update to the client. Here’s a list of important changes: Quit reason is shown before the “Save chatlog? The lag-o-meter can now be assigned to a window.

List of changes is here: Spoiler page updated to reflect dungeon location changes few weeks ago.

Windows client supports command line options: The Windows client no longer leaves temporary files behind after script updates. Maps now have their own page, too.


Gray means you’re not going to get good experience at all and yellow means you should go a bit deeper. DNS servers for tomenet.


TomeNET – online roguelike

Some optimizations to drawing and macro loading. Important bugfix – Macro menu sports new features and more security.


Weather effects are now handled in the client which reduces bandwidth used during rain. A hotfix for the new 4. If you play a character of the same race AND class as a previous character of yours which made it on the high score list, you will not get a high score entry unless you beat your previous score! If you downloaded it before this announcement, please re-download it, sorry for the inconvenience.

TomeNET – online roguelike | MMORPG, MMO & online games with Tangar

Update recommended see announcements forum. Runecraft patches from Relsiet. When creating a new character, class must now be chosen before race.

Hundreds of different monsters in randomly-generated, unpredictable dungeons will strive to slay you by various means, and you counter – if you survive – by developing the skills of your choice and wielding mighty artifacts.

Item weight overflow bugs fixed. Inventory changes shouldn’t cause a wrong item to be used anymore.


News – mikaelh’s TomeNET site

Fixed some outdated warning messages. Important changes client and server: We are again pushing out important bug fixes so updating is recommended.


Character names are limited to 19 characters which is the server-side limit. Fixes in the client include: If you have already downloaded 4.

Mikaelh’s TomeNET site

Make sure you also get the sound pack: Here’s a list of notable client changes: Windows client uses name and password from TomeNET.

Please download the updated version. If you’re upgrading a 4. As usual, the accedit tool only works if you run it in a Cygwin terminal, but these builds also include a patch that makes the first account on the server an admin. Windows client shutdown fixed.