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You’re not responsible for my father’s death. Somebody is using your name to make hoax calls. Can you make any girl swear that she has never fallen in love with anyone before marriage? He has gone to fields with elders. Now, Saga must use every amount of courage to save himself and his friends.

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I can see the footprints of Goddess You’ve won aII our hearts These are the basics. Why are you provoking my desires?

Look, l said that to encourage you. The Hindi version of this film is named Khoon Kharaba and it is going to dubbed by Aditya movies.

Answer me, engliwh rascal. Rentals are not eligible. Please, leave me alone. Later on, Iet’s wash in the river. You’re my only hope! Yesterday son and today father. What are you looking at? Don’t get emotional, sir. It’s Iike seeing a voIcano cIad with snow He has come to stay in our house. The books he read never mentioned about honeymoon Do they appear like your lover?


The message is delivered without inference. You will directly say ‘l love you’.

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He says you’re a country brute. Yes, l haven’t gone mad. Leave it if you don’t want. Why don’t you give a singIe gIance? That’s my bad luck. What are you searching? Took away my heart Let’s say after 3 months.

Yagavarayinum Naa Kakka () With English Subtitle | 4KMovies

Who has broken me? Hey, what are you talking? Who are you, man? So, please be careful. We must look after his needs. She is looking gorgeous, isn’t she? You need money for funeral. Why are you simply sitting? Is she a heroine out from some epic?